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9 Smart Tips to Help You Maintain Your Home this Fall

1. Repair leaky Faucets

If you have any leaking faucets, now is the time to repair them before the Winter freeze sets in. Broken pipes can cause huge amounts of water damage, and can even go undetected sometimes. Fixing these now, and wrapping your pipes with insulation is the best way to prevent this problem.

2. Change your Filters

Air conditioning systems take a lot of abuse in the summertime. Stove vents, room fans, and clothes dryers can also accumulate a lot of lint and dust. Letting these go uncleaned through the Winter can cause accumulated dust and dirt develop mold when the Spring thaw comes.

3. Check your Roof, Gutters & Spouts for Debris

Being high and out of sight, your roof might be easy to forget about. But before the snow and rain set in, this is a good time to make sure your gutters, spouts and other drainage points are free and clear of debris.

4. Prep the Fireplace

Fireplaces are a beautiful feature in homes that have them, and some homes rely on a fireplace as their central heating system. Now is the time to remove old ashes and open the damper so that air can move through the chimney freely. Check to see that the flue is working correctly. Consider hiring a professional chimney cleaner.

5. Examine the Surrounding Grounds

Before the leaves and snow cover the ground and it's too cold to go outside, this would be a good time to check for and repair any cracks in walkways, and concrete and repair any broken pavement. These possible tripping hazards will be more dangerous when they are covered up and can be made worse by ice and cold.

6. Drain the Water Heater

If you have hard water, it’s a good idea make sure sediments are not building up in your water heater tank. Check the tank for rust, and consider replacing old tanks with a new energy efficient model.

7. Clean and Stow Outdoor Furniture

Summer patio furniture may not be meant to endure the colder months and should be put in a shed or other storage area. If you have stormy Winters in your region then you also should consider storing or securing anything outside that could pose a missile hazard in a strong wind.

8. Seal Drafty Windows, Doors & other Crevices

Checking openings for draftiness and sealing them with foam insulation and caulking can save you a lot of money on your utility bill. Consider using thermal drapes over windows that are particularly drafty.

9. Service Garden Power Tools

When trees and grass are dormant, it’s a good time to commit lawnmowers, trimmers, and the like to the shop for repairs and maintenance. This will give you time to tend to them at your leisure- rather than attempting to mow the lawn next Spring and experience an annoying breakdown.